/ʃɛl / (say shel)

1. a hard outer covering of an animal, as the hard case of a mollusc, or either half of the case of a bivalve mollusc.
2. any of various objects resembling a shell, as in shape, or in being more or less concave or hollow.
3. the material constituting any of various kinds of shells.
4. the exterior surface of an egg.
5. a more or less hard outer covering of a seed, fruit, or the like, as the hard outside portion of a nut, the pod of peas, etc.
6. an enclosing case or cover suggesting a shell.
7. a hollow projectile for a cannon, etc., filled with an explosive charge arranged to explode during flight or upon impact or after penetration.
8. a metallic cartridge used in small arms and small artillery pieces.
9. a cartridge.
10. a cartridge-like pyrotechnic device which explodes in the air.
11. shellfire: I have come through shot and shell.
12. Cookery a flan case; pastry-case.
13. Physics a class of electron orbits in an atom, with small differences in energy compared with the energy differences of electrons in other orbits.
14. Rowing a light racing boat having a very thin, carvel-built hull.
15. mollusc.
16. pearl shell.
17. tortoiseshell.
18. the walls, external structure, etc., of an unfinished building, ship, etc., or of someone whose interior has been destroyed: after the fire only the shell of the factory remained.
19. Building Trades a roof whose surface is used as a structural membrane.
20. Computers a command-line interface program.
verb (t)
21. to take out of the shell, pod, etc: to shell peas.
22. to remove the shell of.
23. to separate (maize, etc.) from the ear or cob.
24. to throw shells or explosive projectiles into, upon, or among; bombard.
verb (i)
25. to fall or come out of the shell, husk, etc.
26. to come away or fall off, as a shell or outer coat.
27. come out of one's shell, to emerge from a state of shyness or reserve.
28. shell out, Colloquial to hand over; pay up.
{Middle English; Old English scell (Anglian), sciell. See scale1}
shell-like, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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